Dr Grover, Endodontist


Mr. Michael Boblitz

icon testimonialIn December 2010, I fell on some ice and hit the curb over my nose and on my right side of my face. After checking with my primary dentist, my teeth seemed to be fine with nothing chipped or loose. However, over the next two years, I developed pain over top of four of my upper teeth. Initially nobody could figure out the source of the pain until I got referred to Dr. Grover. Using his high-powered microscope and his cone beam CT, Dr. Grover found that I had cracks in all four of my teeth. Initially, he performed root canals on two of the teeth and he tried to save the other two teeth using a restorative material as fillings. Unfortunately, the remaining two teeth needed root canals too. When the care was complete, I still had continuous pain along my upper right teeth. Dr. Grover diagnosed that I had Trigeminal Neuralgia. He referred me to a neurologist who treated me with Gabapentin. Finally, after nine months, the pain disappeared.

I can’t thank Dr. Grover enough for his outstanding endodontic care. I always found him to be a professional, caring endodontist who completely explained my care options throughout my entire process. His office manager was exceptional in arranging appointments and helping me file Dr. Grover’s services to my dental insurance company. His dental assistants helped make the entire treatment process stress free.

I never expected to have the dental problems that I encountered after my fall; however, I still have my teeth thanks to Dr. Grover’s care.

Michael Boblitz

icon testimonialDr. Grover and Staff,
I want to thank you all for the help you have given me. God Bless you 

- Candy Crenshaw

icon testimonialDr. Grover and Staff –
Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for taking such excellent care of me. You all are professional, friendly, and caring. As a nurse, I am always impressed by that.


icon testimonialDear Dr. Grover,
I very much appreciate the thoroughness, care and how you worked through issues to make certain the work done was needed. You and your staff are very comforting and most competent.


icon testimonialDear Dr. Grover,
Just a little something to say thank you so much for taking care of Jerry on such short notice and for always being there for the both of us.

Judy and Jerry Mandell

icon testimonialDear Dr. Grover, Tonya, Dana and Shayna,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care over the last few weeks. I so appreciate it.

– Christie

icon testimonialThanks for taking care of me! Nice atmosphere and your office staff is awesome!

- Tamera Coffey

icon testimonialDear Dr. Grover,
I just wanted to give you a note to thank you for taking care of my tooth! I appreciate you giving up your time.

- Anonymous

icon testimonialDr. Grover,
I am writing you this letter to you to show you my deepest gratitude and appreciation for your work on me. Dr. Grover, God is going to bless you for what you did for me. There are not too many people out here like you. I’ll never forget what you did for me as long as I live.

Barbara Bell

icon testimonialYou know that feeling of dread. Your dentist has told you that you need a root canal. You can't decide which is worse: the actual pain or the anticipation of having an endodontist perform the root canal procedure. For a chicken like me, this was a true dilemma. Dr. Grover turned out to be the perfect solution! He and his staff are extremely sensitive, compassionate and understanding. Dr. Grover recognized how truly apprehensive I was and put me at ease with both his calming demeanor and his excellent dental techniques. I was amazed at how painless the procedure was - and this comes from a person who dreads her regular dental check-up! My experience was so satisfying, I have recommended Dr. Grover to family and friends requiring a root canal - and each and every one of them has called me to thank me for referring them to such a wonderful endodontist.


icon testimonialI have had numerous procedures conducted by Dr. Grover, including two root canals when I was under the age of 21 and have had great experiences with him and all his staff. He was very thorough and explained the procedures in great detail, which in turn made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone in the Charlottesville area searching for a good endodontist.


icon testimonialDr Grover was warm and welcoming. He explained the situation very clearly and asked for my input. It turned out that I didn't need treatment so I can only comment on the evaluation. Dr Grover made me feel that I mattered and that he was genuinely concerned that I should have the best treatment and a good experience. Thank you, Dr Grover.

- Clint Z.

icon testimonialA root canal is not fun, but it was not bad. The practice did as much as seems possible to avoid discomfort, and I do not recall pain. The procedure was finished in less than the allotted time. I gather mine was an uncomplicated case. And it was successful. Cost seems standard for the procedure, but a follow up diagnosis was free. Dr. Grover is pleasant and treated his staff with respect. I would go there again if I need another root canal.


icon testimonialIn high school I took a fastball in the face and had to have a root canal on a front tooth. It was miserable. After about 30 years, the tooth/crown became infected so I went to Dr. Grover for surgery on the tooth. I anticipated another miserable experience but instead it was very pleasant as Dr. Grover fixed my problem the first time and made me feel at ease throughout the procedure. Dr. Grover is a master at what he does and he and his staff treat their patients with kindness and respect. Plus, he's fun to talk to. I'd recommend Dr. Grover in a heartbeat.


icon testimonialDr. Grover and Staff,

Thank you so very much for all of your caring and support for me. You are such a wonderful dentist and staff!

Thank you again!
Kay P.

icon testimonialDear Dr. Grover,

Thank you for the outstanding work you and your staff performed in the repair and preservation of my tooth. I have had a great deal of dentistry in several communities over a number of years. Your efforts and professionalism excelled the very best of any that I had previously experienced.
The office is run in a highly professional manner while the staff is very friendly and supportive of the patients. The personal care given by the staff is noticeable and appreciated.

I particularly would like to thank you for the several fillings that you used to keep my tooth from further deterioration. You even went so far as to put your own health in jeopardy by holding the x-ray film when I developed a tremor following the completion of the work.

My husband, Al had the same quality of dental experience in your office and has made many of the same statements and observations that I related.
Please thank your staff for all of their efforts and thank you again for such good care.

Carol S.

icon testimonialDr. Grover and Staff,

I did not have the opportunity to see you when I came in recently to have an x-ray on my tooth. However, I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me. I also appreciate all the time and hard work you did to save my tooth! You are one of the nicest and truly dedicated doctors I have met...I have seen my share of doctors and dentists!

Thank you again,

Alice McCorry